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Thickest Cable

If there's one thing that's taken for granted nowadays, it's the humble cable.
Who knows where we'd be without the cable? Do you? WHERE?

So much of what we depend upon comes through cables: the television, water, gas, telephone, electricity, oil, and air for astronauts.
Indeed, so many different things come through cables, it makes you wonder what would happen if we were to mix them up! Imagine turning on the TV, and instead of seeing your favourite programme, you see oil spraying all over your face!
Or imagine turning on the oven to fry some sausages, and instead of flames, out of the gas holes comes the voice of your Uncle Charlie!
You can't cook anything on words - so it's raw sausages for tea again.

Thanks a bunch, Uncle Charlie, you absolute idiot!

Luckily, none of those scenarios is likely to happen, since the cables that pipe the various substances around are all different sizes. The water cable is quite wide, for example, while the telephone cable is quite thin. This is due to the bandwidth.

All the cables in your house are thinner than the thickest cable, though. In fact, you could bundle all your cables together, and they'd still be thinner!

The thickest cable is the one that has the Internet in it. It's massive!

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