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Strongest Gust

Do you know how wind works?

I once asked a weatherman exactly that question, and he told me that it is caused when air gets blown from one place to another. What you feel on your face is nature's blow!

The wind is usually invisible, because it is made out of air.
But don't cry! You can cause it to become visible by throwing, or kicking sand into the air. Wide open areas are the best place to perform this experiment - places like beaches. Also, be sure the beach is crowded. If anyone complains, simply explain that you were making air visible.

When there is a lot of wind, that is known as a storm. When there are two storms mixed together, that is known as a hurricane. And when the storms twirl around, that is known as a tornado. Sometimes, these wind combinations can kill a person!

But the strongest gust of wind didn't just kill one person - it killed one person and their dog! They had gone to mow a meadow, and the gust blew them down a pit.
How strong was the gust? 23!


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