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Biggest Lego Model

We don't have much to thank Sweden for.

Ikea. The sauna. Asterix. Dry roasted peanuts. Hitting yourself with tree branches. And blonde hair. That's about all I can think of.
Oh, and Edam cheese.

Now, wait. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I forgot the most important Swedish import. Those little bricks that clip together to make a larger brick!
That's right - You're thinking that I forgot LEGO!

Of course, I didn't really forget it. I forgot it on purpose, for the purposes of this WOW. It's pretend forgetting.
You see, I could never forget Lego! Not since my fifth birthday, when a piece got stuck in my eye. It's still there! I can see it when I look to the right!

Lego was invented in 1960 by the Swedish government, as a means to build low cost housing for drug addled tramps.
Unfortunately, the company employed to produce the bricks got the measurements wrong, and they all came out too small.

The King of Sweden was ready to execute the company president for this national outrage, but just before he 'made his mark' on the death warrant, he happened to notice his son, the Prince of Sweden, playing with the bricks! The King was overcome with emotion, and in fact he probably cried, the big Swedish baby.

Minutes later, children all over the world were playing with the same bricks, and several minutes after that, the bricks were named after Lego, the Norse god of putting plastic blocks together - they were named Lego.

Today, Lego is so popular, there is even a land made out of Lego. It is named Legoland.

And if, for some reason, you travel to Legoland, you will find the biggest Lego model:

It's a model of the Atlantic ocean!

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