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Fastest Photocopier

Working is an office can be an extremely boring thing to do.
A worrying statistic is that 90% of office workers will, at some point in their lives, die. This proves that office work is boring.

How to alleviate this boredom? Why, find something to do, of course! And with paper being the 'language' of the office, many innovative uses have been found for the surplus supply of paper found languising in the recycling bins: including making paper aeroplanes, and drawing a cartoon character on a piece of paper.

And when photocopiers first appeared in offices, timewasting took a massive, dinosaur sized step forward!
Suddenly, reproductions of obscene body parts were flying across the world, via the magic of fax and email machines. All thanks to the photocopier!

And none reproduced those obsceneties faster than the fastest photocopier - at more than 90ppm, of course, it's the Konoki PRO AR-C540e!

With its document feeder, built-in duplex unit, litho registration and polymerised toner: Choose the Konoki PRO AR-C540e for complete peace of mind and total confidence.

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