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Bounciest Material


What am I being?
Yes, I'm being a comic book, and something is bouncing!

Boing is actually Greek for 'Bounce'. The Greeks loved bouncing.
Indeed, bouncing was one of the original three sport in the ancient Olympic Games - along with running, and being naked.

Thankfully, the sport of bouncing was soon made illegal. It was only revived when, in 1845, a scientist invented rubber.

Today, bouncing seems set to become popular once more - with the discovery in 2005 of a revolutionary, extra-bouncy material, the bounciest material: a carbon nano-spring.

You may have heard of carbon nano-tubes, if you are a scientist, or are training to become a scientist. If you are neither, carbon nano-tubes are very small, and awesome.
You know the plastic drinking straws that you get free with a McDonalds drink? Well, you can easily visualise a carbon nano-tube by imagining that those straws are one-atom thick, made of carbon, and are nanoscopic.
You can't suck a liquid up through a carbon nano-tube, but that's not the only difference between the two. Also: physics!

By simply coiling a carbon nano-tube into a spring, you can create an unstoppable bouncing machine!
It bounces like an ordinary spring, but since it is so small, the laws of physics are irrelevant. And because it is only one atom wide, it can bounce right through solid objects!

There's fun for all the family - with a Carbon Nano-Spring!

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