Random WOW: ' Widest Tongue '

Longest Toenails

Did you know that your toenails are made out of the same material as a Rhino's horn?

Of course you didn't - because that isn't true.

Toenails are actually made of hair.

Humans have to clip their toenails every now and again - otherwise the nails get caught in your socks, and then your shoes don't fit, and then you can't walk properly. The final stage is when your foot goes rotten, and you have to knaw it off.

But what if you don't knaw it off?
What if you leave your rotten foot hanging on, to drag uselessly behind your limping, stinking form as you lurch down the street to collect your unemployement benefit?

Well, you will have probably earnt the WOW for the longest toenails, for a start!

Well done, you disguting idiot.

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