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Smallest Carbon Footprint

Global warming, if facts are to be believed, is coming to get you!
It's like a big cloud of warmth, and it sits on your house and makes you really warm, and then the ice melts and... I don't know, everyone drowns.

I have done some experiments and have discovered that, if all of the Global Warming was sucked up and put on the moon, it would create an atmosphere where humans could live! I asked a doctor to verify my discovery, but he couldn't hear me.

Other solutions to solving Global Warming include destroying cars and destroying planes.

But even if you don't own a car or a plane you can destroy, you can still help! You can reduce your carbon footprint!

I don't know exactly what a carbon footprint is, but I expect it has something to do with stamping on a pencil. Quite how it helps in reducting Global Warming, I don't know.
Possibly, the crunching sound absorbs pollution energy?
Anyway, the smallest carbon footprint is made by the smallest foot-owner: some kind of bug!


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