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Littlest Hobo

What exactly is a hobo? A hobo is another name for an American tramp, that's what. For this reason, the majority of hobos can be found in America.

The life expectancy of a hobo of average height is forty-five years - significantly higher than that of an obese non-hobo.
However, here's a fact that might surprise you, should you learn the fact: the smaller the hobo, the longer he/she will live!

Scientists have yet to discover the reason, but it is obviously because smaller hobos eat less. A scrap of meat, for example, will feed a small hobo for a week, while providing larger hobos with only a momentary snack.

But what effect will global warming have on the hobo population? Let's think about that for a moment.
Now, let's stop thinking about that, because that is a waste of time.

Here's a question that's definitely not a waste of time: Who is the littlest hobo?

The answer is staring you in the face:
Graham (surname unknown), who lives in America!
He's only a foot tall, and lives in a crack in the 'sidewalk' (road).
His favorite song is Madonna's 'Ray of Light'.

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