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Most Languages Spoken

If you're reading this website (and if you aren't, something has gone wrong with reality), you must be able to read the English language.
Well done! The English language is apparantly quite difficult to learn, due to all the letters.
Have you seen the letter X?! Insanity, right there!

But wait! Another difficult language is Chinese. This is because no-one in my local Chinese takeaway is actually Chinese, and also because they are my enemies.

With all of these crazy languages out there, it's amazing to find out that the person who can speak the most languages can speak more languages than I've had hot lunches: 34!

Who is this person?
Well, it's whoever invents the Universal Translator, sometime in the future. It hasn't happened yet, so I don't know who it is.

If only they had also invented time travel, I could tell you who they were.
But instead they wasted their time on the Universal Translator, the idiot.

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