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Oldest Computer Game Character

Computers have been around for several years, ever since they were invented by America to send a man to the moon. And for as long as computers have existed, so too have computer games - and the characters that inhabit them - existed.

The first computer game was Space Invaders. It featured a small block thing shooting other block things!
Also, it was rather awful.

But that block thing is not the oldest computer game character, since it was never seen again. You see, to be considered old, you have to be alive.
Don't blame me - I don't make up the rules!

Blame science.

According to science, the oldest computer game character is Mario, the Italian plumber known from Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers series of games.

He first appeared as Donkey Kong in a game of the same name.
The aim of the game was to jump over some barrels and rescue Donkey Kong's girlfriend from an evil barrel throwing ape. Donkey Kong was immediately a massive hit, and Mario was soon a household name. Like 'toilet'.

Then Mario was joined by his brother Luigi in Super Mario Brothers 2!
At first the public liked Luigi: his green overalls and slimmer physique seemed to suggest a more environmentally friendly hero. But then Captain Planet was created. Soon, everyone had forgotten about Luigi and his crazy 'wobbly legs' jumping malarky, and Nintendo promptly erased him from time.

Finally, Mario became a doctor and starred in Dr Mario, which was some kind of puzzle game. It saw Mario attempting to eradicate germs by dropping capsules on their heads.
His unorthadox methods, however, were not looked upon kindly by the general medical council, and after a string of suspicious deaths, Mario's license was revoked.

And that's the history of Mario - the oldest computer game character!

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