Random WOW: ' Softest Pillow '

Biggest Squirt

A man I used to work with once told me that he had witnessed the biggest squirt.

He explained how, one sunny day, he had purchased several bottles of fizzy drink in order to drink, and feel refreshed. However, on the way to his house, he had tripped, and all of the bottles had fused together (due to the heat), forming one giant bottle.
And then for some reason he dropped a load of mints into this 'superbottle', and there was a chemical reaction of sorts, and an enormous squirt occured.

My reaction was always one of disbelief. Never did I credit him with a WOW.

And never shall I, for Mother Nature has once again beaten the world of science to a bloody pulp with her massive glands.

The biggest squirt was when the lost of city of Atlantis got lost, due to a massive squirt in the ocean!


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