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Fastest Underwater Handcuff Escape

I always used to enjoy watching magicians do their stuff (magic).

A wave of a hanky, and out pops a pigeon!
A flick of a switch, and there's a tiger!
A knock at the door, and it's the gas man!

But the older I got, the less impressed I was with magic. Magic had lost its magic, disappearing.... uh, just like magic.

And then, someone invented escape artists! Excitement once again filled my eyes!

Because escape artists are not magicians. An escape artist can escape from a bag with nothing more that a flick of the wrist and a gust of wind.

For some, a simple bag is not enough. They choose to suspend themselved upside down - or set the bag on fire - or set a horse on fire and have it run into the bag! All dangerous, I'm sure you'll agree.

But the most dangerous is the underwater escape. Because, once you're underwater, you only have 20 seconds before your air runs out!
For some escape artists, that's just too risky.

But not for the holder of this WOW: not for Pat Jabber!

Because in 1998, Pat Jabber performed an underwater handcuff escape in just 6 seconds! In fact, he was so quick, by the time the 20 seconds had passed, he had already gone home. The audience, on the other hand, had barely managed to sit down.
There was a massive riot, and the city caught fire.

And that's why they banned magic in Ireland.

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