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Largest Collection of Wooden Ducks

If you've ever thrown a bucket of water over a Starling, you will have noticed that birds are not waterproof.

It's one of nature's many failures: once wet, a bird's feathers get all clumpy, blocking the stomata, and causing the birds to suffocate.

Poor old birds.

Thankfully for ducks, they are ducks, and not birds. Ducks are waterproof, due to some oil.

What would the world be like if ducks weren't waterproof?
It would probably be like a zombie movie, with a special guest appearance by ducks.

After that duck-heavy introduction, you're no doubt thinking "Ducks are amazing! I must buy a duck!".
Well stop right there.
A duck is a wild animal, and is not a pet for the likes of you. Your house contains no fewer than fifty possible duck hazards!

A duck could break its beak on your coffee table, or get a webbed foot stuck in the cutlery drawer. And that's just two!

But don't despair: you can instead buy a replica duck made from wood. You can buy them from any shop (not including food shops)!
The more replica ducks you buy, the more you will grow to like ducks.

Thus, I know one person who must LOVE ducks - because he owns more than NINE wooden replica ducks!
He keeps them all lined up, in the bathroom.
He's Matthew Pringles, from Oxford, England!


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