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Busiest Train Station

"All aboard!", "Heave-ho!", "Whistle!"

The sounds of a busy railway there!

Yes, trains, those metal chariots that first began ploughing their way through the countryside back in 1950, are now well established as a form of public transport.

This is partly due to popular children's entertainment train, Thomas 'the tank' Engine.

Like Johnny Five, Thomas Engine was blessed with sentience after being struck by lightning - unfortunately instead of growing an outrageous sense of humour, Thomas grew an enormous grey tumour on the front of his engine.

The fat controller tried to remove it, but Thomas died in surgery due to complications.

On a happier note, literally thousands of passengers use the train network successfully to get to work and back every day.
The places that they must wait are known as stations - there are many spread all over England, and even some in Wales!

But which is the busiest train station?

It's Chatham station!

Chatham station is so busy, they sometimes have to connect two trains together to fit everyone on!

It's really exciting!

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