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Biggest Christmas Tree

The holiday of Christmas was invented to remember Jesus Christmas, who was killed by the Ancient Greeks many years ago.

His dad was known as 'Father' Christmas, and that's where the name comes from!

Every year, Father Christmas would decorate the Christmas household in tinsel.
He would also put up what became known as a 'Christmas Tree' - a stalk of brussel sprouts stuck in a pot of mud.

But that tradition changed dramatically when the Romans invaded and threw Father Christmas to a violent and bloody end with the lions of the Colesseum.

Abolishing the 'tree of sprouts', the Romans decided instead to use a real tree! It was a revelation (and that's where that name comes from)!

Today, the European Union defines the ownership of a Christmas tree at Christmas as a basic human right - the size, though, is left to the discretion of the individual.

The biggest Christmas tree is the one that the country of Norway annualy gifts London with, due to the war in Iraq.

I don't know exactly how big the tree is, but it's massive!
I once looked at it, and there was probably a bird living on top!

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