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Most Generous Charity Donation

Charity is what you call it when you ask for money, dressed in a humourous costume.

It isn't begging - beggers don't wear costumes, you see.

I once pointed this out to a persistent beggar who insisted that, in fact, he was simply dressed in a beggar costume, and was indeed collecting for charity.
Of course, that crafty beggar was lying, and I soon had him arrested - but it gave me an idea - beggar costumes!
I now own the worldwide patent.

But back to charities. There are many out there for you to give your money to. Some of the best are 'The Kennel Club', 'Life Savers', 'Youth Power' and 'Beggar Costumes Inc'.

Should you see anyone collecting for one of those charities, please give generously.
Note: by 'generously', I don't mean 50,000 pounds!
50,000 is madness!

But 50,000 is exactly the same amount as the most generous charity donation, given by Count Hernand of Luxembourg to 'The Landmine Society' in 1999!

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