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Best Enemy

An enemy is someone who doesn't like you very much.

Having an enemy is a bit like plucking nose hairs: it isn't very pleasant, and it might make you sneeze, but once you've done it you can look in the mirror and admire your hair-free nostrils.

You might think that the idea of a best enemy is oxymoronic, or that the best enemy is no enemy at all.

Unfortunately for you, you are wrong.
The best enemy is the one that is your enemy for many years, and then, just as he is about to kill you, changes his mind and becomes good!

This has happened in many films, but did not happen in the James Bond film Goldeneye.

You see, in Goldeneye, James Bond's best friend Sean Bean was good, and then he seemed to die when some bottles blew up, but actually he didn't die - he simply turned bad, due to mild cheek scarring!

Sean Bean is the opposite of James Bond's best enemy.

Sean Bean is James Bond's worst friend, which is another WOW altogether.

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