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Fastest Boat

England is a land surrounded by water. That's why it's known as 'the island of Europe'.

If you've ever tried to walk across water, you'll have realised that you're an idiot.
You can't walk across water, because it is a liquid. Humans are heavier than liquids, and so walking across a liquid will result in you falling through the surface of the liquid into the liquid and getting covered in liquid.

But of course, if it was impossible to cross water, the inhabitants of England would never be able to go on holiday to anywhere nice.
You CAN cross the water by using a boat.

Boats float on top of the water, thanks to magic. Every few months, the Archbishop of Canterbury casts a spell, giving all boats the power to float.

But one day, the Archbishop got his spell wrong, and just ONE boat was given 100% of the concentrated Jesus force, making it super-fast!

So fast, in fact, no-one had the chance to notice which boat it was before it sped into infinity!

Oh well.


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