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Most Expensive Haircut

Every human has hair somewhere on their body.
The older you get, the more places it begins to come out of.
Even after you die, your hair continues to grow.

It's no wonder then, that at some point in their lives, almost 90% of humans experience a haircut.
Without haircuts, we'd be like that one out of the Addams Family. You know, the big heap of hair with glasses on.

Estimates put the average price of a haircut at 13.72. But prices can vary wildly, depending on where you live and what colour of hair you have.

Here's a price that is sure to vary YOU wildly, since it is so high: 20.50!

That is the price of the most expensive haircut, experienced by Joe Kettle in August of 1995!

And to top it off, several weeks later, Joe Kettle spilt a cup of coffee.

Life for Joe Kettle must be unbearable.

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