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Least Inflated Balloon

A ballon is a thin membrane of rubber which you blow air into, tie shut, and then hang on a bush outside your house to signify the presence of a party within.

Balloons are available in several colours: red, blue and orange. Also, there is the slim possibility of green.

And as well as colours, balloons come in different shapes: round or tube-ish.

If you're worried about wasting precious air in a balloon, you can fill it with other gases.
A popular gas to fill a balloon with is Helium. Helium is lighter than humans, so it floats into the air to get away from them.
A less popular gas to fill a balloon with is Ammonia.

But forget blowing air into a balloon - have you ever sucked the air out of a balloon?

Of course you haven't. But you know who has?

Outer space, of course!

Yes, in outer space, there is no air. In fact, there's a minus amount of air, also known as a vacuum.
Whenever a vacuum encounters some air, it just has to suck it up. And that's how a vacuum cleaner works!

And that's exactly how the least inflated balloon came to exist.
It floated into my vacuum cleaner and got all sucked up, and shrivelled.


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