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Largest Toothpick Mosaic

The Romans were a people that lived in Italy several years ago.
If you've ever watched the film 'Gladiator', you'll know all about the Romans. There were loads of Romans in that film.

One thing that the Romans loved to do, apart from have a war, was to look at mosaics.
A mosaic is like a digital image, but instead of being made up of 'pixels', it is made up of 'tiles'. Also, instead of being stored digitally in some kind of digital storage space, a mosaic is stored on the floor.

Today, although all the Romans have died, their mosaics have survived, and many artists have been influenced by the idea of creating one big picture from many little things.
Amongst the little things that have been used to create big pictures, are:

Some little pictures
Shavings (pencil)
A squirt
Toothpicks (box of)

And it is toothpicks that are the important little thing, since toothpicks are a fairly unusual thing to make a picture out of. They're all the same colour, they're really quite sharp, and they're toothpicks.

Nevertheless, several men have created pictures using nothing more than toothpicks. Robert Dover is one of these men.
Robert Dover, of Queshm, Iran, is the creator of the largest toothpick mosaic.
It depicts a massive pile of toothpicks.

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