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Fastest Underwater Straightjacket Escape

If you've ever gone mad, you're sure to recognise a straightjacket when you see it.
For those who haven't gone mad, imagine a white cloth jacket, with straps and zips and all kinds of other fasteners. They're all there to ensure that the madman wearing the jacket can't flail his arms about - which is dangerous.

Ironically, the straightjacket was invented by Blackbeard the Pirate! It's ironic because all pirates are mad.

Recently, escapologists have embraced the straightjacket as a means of demonstrating their incredible escaping ability. The shorter the time they take to free themselves, the better.

But for some, simply escaping from the jacket is not enough.
'How can I make escaping from a straightjacket even more difficult?', they wonder.
They answer, of course, is to jump into a swimming pool!

Dan McKay, of the USA, came to this same conclusion. And he did it!
He jumped right into a swimming pool, wearing a straightjacket, and escaped in just 21 seconds!


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