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Most Skips on Stilts

I've never spent a long period of time on stilts.

I once walked around on some flower pots - and I didn't like that very much. Neither did the flowers!
Of course, I'm joking. I love flowers. Except the ones with a wasp inside.
The stilts business, however, I'm deadly serious about. I prefer the soles of my shoes to be a centimetre or so thick. I find this helps with the walking.

It's a very good thing, therefore, that I don't work in a circus, and even better that I'm not a clown who wears stilts, because that would be very dangerous indeed.

I'm sure there are plenty of other good uses for stilts, other than wandering around and being dangerous.
Painting the ceiling.
Changing a really high light bulb.
I can't think of any more, but I'm sure there are some.

You know who would know some good uses of stilts? Gary Entwhistle, of course!
And what would his first answer be? It would be 'Do some skips'.

It's no coincidence that Gary Entwhistle holds the WOW for the most skips on stilts - an incredible ten skips, accomplished in Wokingham in 2007!

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