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Largest First Aid Lesson

If you have recently got a job, well done! Jobs are very useful, especially when it comes to earning money and downloading rude pictures.

But working isn't just about good things like those. No, it also involves rubbish things, like learning, thinking, and... first aid!

Yes, no doubt somewhere in your working environment, buried under papers and boxes, there is a first aid box, full of old plasters, blunt scissors, and a jar of something that stinks.
Go and find your first aid box.
Have you found it?
You've also just learned some first aid: since 'locate the first aid box' is the first rule of first aid.

If you're curious as to the other eighty-three rules, then I advise you to seek out a first aid class. But whatever you do, don't go to the class held by Paul Shallot, in Colorado.

Because that is where, on November 18th 2007, the largest first aid lesson occured, with the participation of more than five hundred students... and where, thanks the enormous weight of the crowd, the floor collapsed!

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