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Longest Shelf

I really like walls.
Without walls, we wouldn't have houses. We'd all have to live in the trees, like our ancient ancestors, the dinosaurs. And we know what happened to them!

They all died.

So thank goodness for walls!

But as much as I admire walls, I'm not blind to their one fault: they are totally vertical! How are you supposed to store things on a 100% vertical surface?
You can't, that's how. Everything just falls off.

So you can imagine my face when a friend told me about shelves.

My face was smiling!

Now I could store all kinds of things on my walls. From books, to DVDs, and back to books again!

My curiosity was piqued! I had to find the ultimate shelf!
I vowed to travel the Earth, until that shelf was discovered: no matter the cost, no matter the danger!

Luckily, my search ended several minutes later, on visiting my neighbour, Gerald Till. There, in his living room, was the the ultimate shelf - the longest shelf!

It was at least four feet in length!


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