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Most Accurate Replica Costume

Dressing up is a fun game that you play as a child, but then you grow up and wear real clothes, such as corduroy trousers and t-shirts.

Imagine what would happen if the genes that controlled the urge to dress up never deteriorated. You'd dress up for your whole life!

Well, for a small subset of the population, there is no need to imagine that unlikely scenario. For they still possess those genes, and are therefore continually dressing up as their favourite film characters!

And although this can cause some embarrassment at work, it isn't the biggest problem: you see, these people aren't satisfied unless their costumes are 100% accurate.

For Flash Gordon fans, this can lead to sad and dangerous situations.
Sad because no-one knows what material Ming the Merciless' cape was made out of.
And dangerous for fans of that character with the metal face, who fell on the spike, and then his eyes fell out!

Obviously, the most accurate replica costume does not feature in Flash Gordon.

No, the most accurate replica costume is owned by an Indiana Jones fanatic named Richard Borax. It's the costume worn by a character called Indiana Jones!.

Richard has gone to extraordinary lengths to identify exactly the clothes worn by the character.
The way his hat bends, the direction of the creases in his shirt, and the number of times Harrison Ford broke wind in his trousers have all been factored into the equation.

I asked Richard how proud he was, but I wasn't paying attention when he replied, because I spotted a ghostly reflection in a nearby shop window. It resembled a dog with two legs!

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