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Least Realistic Robot

I am a robot. I am a robot. I am going to kill you.

That, according to science fiction, is what a robot would say if it could think. It's not very nice, is it?
I wouldn't like anything to say that to me, least of all a robot.

Yes, robots are very dangerous things. Hugely powerful, made of metal and Wi-Fi enabled, humans don't stand a chance.

Or do they?

We've all seen the film 'Robocop', haven't we? It's all about a mad robot cop who goes around killing everyone.
Luckily, Robocop himself looks nothing like a human, so everyone recognises him, and eventually he falls out of a window.
Had he looked more realistic, Robocop might have gone on to conquer the world.

On the other hand, take the film 'Bicentennial Man'. In that film, some guy builds a robot slave named Robin Williams. Originally, he is built with a stupid looking metal face.
But young Robin Williams isn't happy being a slave, and sets out to become more realistic. He does this by slapping human skin onto his fat metal body. Several years later, hey-presto! He looks just like a real human!
And then he kills everyone.

Let's examine these two examples:
Robocop looks like a robot, and is defeated.
Robin Williams looks like a human, and kills everyone.

Yes, obviously it is the realism that presents the human race with a chance to beat the robots! Only by making robots look less realistic can we win!

Thus, this WOW, for the least realistic robot is possibly one of the most important things ever written.
The lessons learnt from the contruction of this robot must be learnt, and applied to all future robots, lest humanity be eventually exterminated.

The least realistic robot is Johnny Five. He looks like a load of rubbish, and also is extrememly annoying!

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