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Least Colourful Duck

The duck is probably one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet Earth.

For a start, no-one knows how ducks ever came to exist. They didn't evolve - that much is certain. So where did they come from?
Recent investigation suggests they came from the trees. They probably had a fight with the monkeys, and got evicted.

But while the origin of the duck is a riddle man will never solve, a riddle that man will solve is this: which is the least colourful duck?

Have you ever been told the story of The Ugly Duckling?
Well, let me summarise it for you:

There's this duck, and he's really ugly. In fact, he's so ugly, everyone hates him.
Well, he's about to drown himself, when he looks into the river, sees his reflection and... he's not a duck at all! He's a dog!
The rest of the story is the dog exacting his gruesome revenge on those ducks that laughed at him. He kills one by hacksawing their head off!

What is the moral of that story? Yes, 'Don't laugh at dogs' is the moral.

But, more importantly, it also teaches us the identity of the least colourful duck.
It's that one who got his head hacksawed off, that I just mentioned. He's only one colour - duck blood colour (red)!

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