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Fastest Spinning Object

Have you ever spun around?

Of course, you have. Humans love spinning around, and have done for many centuries.
Spinning was invented by King Henry VIII in 1950, when he witnessed the execution of his tenth wife, Catherine Spinnacre. As the guillotine fell, her head rolled onto the floor and was said to have started rotating - or 'spinnacring' as it was soon known, later abbreviated to 'spinning'. What caused it to start spinning, no-one knows. It was probably a gust.

Today, all kinds of objects spin, and some rely on spinning in order to function!
For example, what would a washing machine be without the ability to spin? It would be a metal drum full of wet, stinking, dirty underpants. In other words, it would be a digusting monstrosity.

But what object spins the fastest?

Of course, it's a helicopter!

The proof is that helicopters spin so fast, they cancel out gravity and float off into the sky!

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