Random WOW: ' Heaviest Weight Suspended by a Beard '

Greasiest Food

Obesity is a terrible disease that is fast infecting humans all over the world. Thankfully, it only affects fat people: because the obesity virus is caught by eating too much grease.

Eating grease is probably a fat person's favourite hobby, alongside watching TV and being airlifted to hospital for emergency stomach stapling.

If only there was an easy way to tell how much grease there was in a food, obesity might become a thing of the past, like dinosaurs.

Well, prepate to become a Stegosaurus, obesity!
The amount of grease in a piece of food can now be ascertained, thanks to the miracle of fire.
By simply placing food over a naked flame, and measuring something, the grease content is revealed!

The greasiest food tested was a slice of chocolate shortcake, which was found to have a grease level of 12!


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