Random WOW: ' Most Deadly Liquid '

Most Ear Hair

Have you ever looked at your own ears?
Of course you haven't! That's impossible - unless you happen to posess a mirror.

And that's one of the reasons why, up until 1830 (when the mirror was invented), people didn't know much about ears. Many doctors actually cut ears off, as they were thought to cause the plague!

Ears are, naturally, for catching and sucking sounds down into your ear hole - with help from the three smallest bones in the human body: the ear bone, the sound bone, and the hearing bone.

But try telling Henry Goud that very interesting fact. He wouldn't be able to hear you.
In fact, Henry Goud wouldn't be able to hear anything you told him, no matter how interesting.
For Henry Goud's ears are blocked with hair! 1kg of hair to be exact, an amount that wins Henry Goud the WOW for the most ear hair.


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