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Hairiest Animal

Every animal on this planet is hairy. That is a scientific truth.
Admittedly, you may not be able to see this hair, but many species (wasps) have hair so thin and wispy, it is invisible to the naked eye of a human. Yes, only by looking at a wasp with a magnifying glass can you set fire to a wasp.

Also the amount of hair depends on many variables. A crab, for example, has a hard shell, and has to hide underwater. A full head of hair would make it very easy to find, and it would soon get eaten by a hair-seeking squid.
On the other hand, a cat lives in the air, and therefore must be soft, making it nice to stroke and encouraging humans to feed it and then it goes crazy and scratches me for no reason.

But what about those creatures who live both underwater, and in the air? What about birds?
Birds do not have any hair. Instead, birds have feathers.
But birds don't count as animals, so forget about birds right now.

As you have probably guessed, the hairiest animal lives in the air, and does not live underwater like a rubbish crab.
The hairiest animal likes to run and jump.
Of course, the hairiest animal is a horse.

Horses are completely covered in hair - even on the inside.
I looked once, and it was awful.


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