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Longest Scrape

The wheel was a great invention - but have you ever wondered why the wheel was invented? Of course, the answer is 'to prevent scraping'!

Before the wheel was invented, everything scraped along the ground - paintwork was ruined, laminate flooring was torn up and the world was filled with terrible noise. Life was rubbish.

Nowadays, life is still rubbish, but very few things scrape. In fact, I can only think of three scrapers - skips, ships (run aground) and cars (wheels gone). And none of those tend to scrape for long.

It is elementary, therefore, that the WOW for the longest scrape must have been set before the invention of the wheel.
Luckily, although this dates it to several years before you or I were born, there still exists the physical evidence of the scrape: the great pyramids of Egypt!

Yes, to build the pyramids, the workers had to push - or scrape the blocks of stone miles and miles.
It was hard work - many people probably died in scraping-related accidents, or got eaten by crocodiles in the breaks between scraping.

So the next time you look at the pyramids, I'm sure you'll remember the scrape that made it all possible - the longest scrape!

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