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Most Dials

I don't know exactly how an aeroplane works, but it has something to do with air and flaps, and a mind-boggling number of dials.
Yes, an aircraft's cockpit is a hideously complicated place, as anyone who has ever been in an aircraft's cockpit will attest to. It's like a dial-eating monster threw up in there.
Yes, it stinks of vomit - but also, there are loads of dials.

Generally, the more complicated the craft, the more dials it will have. A rowing boat, for example, has exactly zero dials, while the average space shuttle has almost two hundred.

But despite a shuttle's complexity, if you want to see the most dials, you don't have to become an astronaut. You simply have to travel to your local high street / shopping centre!

That's because the most dials can be found in your local watch maker's shop, in the basement, where he keeps all the spare dials!
There are boxes and boxes, each full to the brim with dials down there. Just ask if you can see his dials, and he's sure to let you see the dials.

Just make sure he's not a murderer, because the basement is where murderers kill people, and his dials will be the last thing you ever see.

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