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Most Haunted Location

In the long history of film making, there have been only two films in which ghosts speak.
That's an interesting fact about films.
Ghosts appear in many motion pictures, but are usually silent. Only in two films do they say something:
In Ghostbusters, the ghost of a librarian tells the Ghostbusters to be quiet.
And in Ghost Dad, Bill Cosby's ghost barely shuts up throughout the whole 83 minutes.

So why are ghosts so often depicted as merely soundless apparitions? The answer is obvious:
In real life, ghosts make no sound. They have no physical presence... thus, how could they hope to create any sound?

"I'm very interested to learn about ghosts", you say, "but what exactly does sound have to do with the most haunted location?".
Well, sound has everything to do with it, you idiot!

Ghosts, knowing that they are unable to produce any sound, instinctively head for the loudest place. Perhaps they want to be reminded of humanity. Perhaps they get some kind of power from sound. Perhaps they are attempting to catch sound, because they think it is an animal, and they want to have a ride on it. I don't know. I'm not a ghost.
But the fact remains, the most haunted location is also the loudest location:
Battersea Dogs Home, in London, when I walk past dressed up as a bone (the first Thursday of every month).


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