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Wealthiest Human

"Money, money, money. It must be funny. In a rich man's world."
So sang Abba.
Of course, Abba knew exactly how funny money was, living as they did in the aforementioned 'rich man's world'.

I once asked the lead singer of Abba, Sporty Abba, how funny it was. She replied in her native tongue, which was no help. I just laughed, and she laughed, and then she turned around and was gone, and I was left all alone in the airport.
I later discovered my wallet was missing.

If it had been the wallet belonging to the world's wealthiest human that had gone missing, I would have expected a major international police operation to have swung into action. Because that wallet would have contained no less than three hundred thousand pounds in cash, and also some diamonds, and probably one of those fancy jewelled eggs.
As it was, the wallet contained only a receipt from B&Q for some self tapping screws, and twenty-two pence in change. And it wasn't much of a wallet. Really, it was an envelope I'd found in a hedge.

Anyway, the wealthiest human is, of course, Bill Gates, who invented Windows. Computer windows, I mean - also known as monitors.

It is estimated that Mr Gates earns ten pounds every time he exhales!
Just think what he makes with a sneeze!

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