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Biggest Fountain

Water is an extremely versatile substance.
You can drink water, pour water, go for a swim in the water, push someone into the water, drive into the water, drive over the person you just pushed into the water, and wash away evidence with the water.
Without water, where would we be?
The answer is in prison.

But what about countries who don't have any water, such as the Sahara Desert. All they have is sand! You can't have any fun with sand!

That last statement is a lie. Of course, you can have fun with sand. You can make a sand fountain!

A sand fountain is what you call it when you throw (or kick) sand into someone's face.
Try it out!

But a sand fountain is not the biggest fountain. That would be ridiculous!

No, the biggest fountain is simply an ordinary garden sprinkler... and you are one of the kids from the film 'Honey, I Shrunk my Kids'.

I believe the film is all about some kids who get shrunk to the size of atoms, and they have to avoid getting sucked up a cat's arse.

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