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Greatest Number of Stone Skips

In most circumstances, throwing stones is dangerous, and is likely to get you in trouble.
A thrown stone has the ability to smash windows, damage vehicles, and seriously injure other beings (not including phantoms).
So don't throw stones...

... unless you are taking part in a 'stone skipping' contest! In that case, throwing stones is mandatory, or you will lose and be laughed at by everyone, including your family.

Stone skipping occurs when a rock bounces off the surface of the water. This can be achieved by spinning the stone as you throw it, or by waiting until the water is frozen (although this technique is illegal in most stone skipping competitions).

The greatest number of stone skips was achieved by a man named Richard Mallable, in June 2004. He managed an incredible 14 skips, one of which narrowly missed a dumb seagull!


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