Random WOW: ' Most Dangerous Prank '

Largest Serving of Fried Chicken

I don't know about you, but one of the first things I do after a tasty meal is to lick my fingers.
This is because I have a rare disorder which can cause the skin on my knuckles to crack if it becomes too dry.

In an upper class restaurant, this might cause some embarassment, or even ejection due to 'bad manners'.
Thankfully, there is no upper class restaurant nearby for me to be ejected from. I don't think I would like being ejected.
The nearest restaurant is a certain fried chicken food chain - and licking your fingers there is seen as the norm - for the catchphrase of the chain is 'Finger Licking Good!

However, I don't go there either. That restaurant smells unpleasant.

And that's why I didn't witness the largest serving of fried chicken - because it was served inside one of these fried chicken establishments: in Boston, America, in fact!

Yes, on September 13th 2007, Johnny Pinter was presented with his order for ten buckets of chicken, a meal that had taken staff almost three days to prepare, and which had cost the lives of more than fifty birds (chicken variety)!

Johnny told reporters "Chicken my favourite".


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