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Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Have you ever had the urge to paint your body green, tie a scarf over eyes, eat a pizza, and shout "Cowabunga"?
Hopefully not. For a start, you shouldn't shout anything when you have a mouth full of pizza.

But in the mid 1980s, that is exactly what kids all over the world wanted to do, thanks to the cartoon series 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. The premise of the series was as follows:

After having been dropped into a puddle of mysterious ooze, four turtles found their reptilian bodies had mutated into humanoid forms, minus genitals.
Living in the sewers of New York, they were taught ninja skills by a rat, and then they came out of the sewers and wandered around.
They also met a sexy news reporter who started stalking them sexily.

To answer the question 'who was the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle', we must identify the turtles individually. Luckily, thanks to the skill of the writers, each was given their own distinct personality and complex character traits:
Leonardo had a blue scarf.
Raphael had a red scarf.
Michaelangelo had an orange scarf.
Donatello had a purple scarf.

The best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, however is none of those.
It's that girl one.

I don't remember her name, but her shell was the shape of a lady's breasts.

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