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Most Envelopes Licked in One Minute

In the olden days, when the notion of self-adhesivity would have earned you you a one way trip into a bonfire, the only way to seal an envelope was to moisten a line of glue beneath the envelope's flap.
Popular moistening methods included weeping onto the glue, sneezing onto the glue and sweating onto the glue - but by far the most common was to lick it with your tongue!

The tongue is a very useful organ, especially when it comes to moistening objects. This is because the tongue automatically generates a liquid known as spit - which explains why two scientists refer to the tongue as 'Spit Central'.

You might think that licking loads of envelopes would be phenomenally easy - we all have tongues, tongues produce spit, spit seals envelopes... what's so impressive about this that it deserves a WOW?

Well, you're overlooking one enormous problem that the tongue presents.
As well as generating spit, the tongue performs a hugely important bodily function: tasting stuff!

And you know something that doesn't taste very good? Yes you do: envelope glue!

You see, Charles Craig does deserve praise! Because in June 2005, Charles Craig successfully licked 52 envelopes in 1 minute!

How did he manage to overcome the disgusting taste?
Hypnosis of the tongue!

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