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Biggest Banner

What is the difference between a banner and a flag?
I've never had any reason to contemplate that question - until now. Let's contemplate it together.

Both are made out of fabric.
Both have stuff drawn on them.
Both flap around in the wind.
All similarities. Where is the difference?

Of course, the difference is that flags are hung from 'flag poles', whilst banners are hung out of the window.
In fact, in two countries, it is a criminal offence to mix the two up - hang a banner from a flag pole, or drape a flag out of the window, and police will automatically rush towards you, like beans down a slope!

Both banners and flags serve only one purpose - to advertise something. Flags generally advertise countries, while banners advertise companies - but this isn't always the case. I once saw a flag advertising Maplins! Needless to say, I was speechless for several moments.
You might think that the biggest banner would therefore have be advertising something equally big.
You'd be right!

The biggest banner was a banner advertising Oven Chips, and it was on the roof of a local supermarket just a few weeks ago.
I'm not sure exactly how big it was, but it was at least the size of three horses!

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