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Most Chin-Ups in One Minute

Do you go to the gym every day? Do you eat only vegetables and drink only protein shakes?
You probably think you're really healthy, don't you?

Well, I've got news for you: you're only slightly healthy!
This is because recent scientific investigations have discovered that, in order to become super healthy, you have to do something called a chin-up.

I asked a nearby man to explain what a chin-up was, and was told it was when you pull your chin up, over the top of a door frame. Suddenly I was excited: perhaps I would soon be super healthy!
On arriving back home, however, my excitement tripped over. If I was going to get my chin above the door frame, I was either going to have to surgically lengthen my chin by at least half a metre, or shorten the door frame by a similar amount.

Neither option seemed very realistic. I didn't have the money for surgery, nor for the tools needed to modify the door frame. A typical Catch 22 situation!

And so, I shelved my health hopes, and forgot all about chin ups.

Until the 9th of February, 2003!

For on that day, I witnessed Roger Banatyme perform 15 chin-ups in one minute!

Did he have an unusually big chin? Did he have an unusually short door frame?
NO and NO!

He was standing on a box!

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