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Most Talented Mouse

I saw a mouse - Where?
There on the stair.
Where on the stair?
Right there!
Oh yeah!

That is a famous song, all about a very talented mouse.
Talented, but fictional. The mouse never existed. I'm not sure about the stair.
Whether the stair existed or not, by now it has probably been demolished and replaced with a bowling alley.

It doesn't matter. We're talking about mice, not stairs.

I bet you can think of some talented mice, if you try hard enough. I know I can!

There's the most famous mouse in the world: Mickey Mouse. He's so talented, he has managed to enslave a dog, which he keeps as a pet! Just think about that: a mouse with a pet dog! You couldn't make it up!

Or what about that mouse from the film 'The Abyss'? He can breathe underwater! The talented idiot thinks he's a fish!

And finally, there is the mouse named 'Stuart Little'. He was actually conceived by a human man and woman! Lord knows what drugs the woman was on to give birth to a mouse.
Buckets of heroin, probably!

But the most talented mouse is none of them. Not even the breathing water one.

No, the most talented mouse is DangerMouse.
DangerMouse wears an eyepatch and drives a very angular, yellow car. And he's got a pet tumour named Penfold!
Together, DangerMouse and Penfold have loads of fun.


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