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Fastest Knife-Between-Fingers Trick

If you've ever seen James Cameron's film 'Aliens', you no doubt remember the scene which introduced the world to the 'knife-between-fingers' trick.

The scene features a malfunctioning android who goes crazy every lunchtime - he's allergic to the Ribena!
An unsuspecting crew member is asked to place his hand on the table, and the android proceeds to jab a knife into the spaces between his fingers, moving back and forth, faster and faster, until the knife is just a blur, and the crew member has soiled himself violently.
And then they smash the android's head off with a fire extinguisher.

The film established James Cameron as one of the world's most exciting directors, a title ultimately squandered when he decided to live underwater and film fish and squids and other rubbish, squashable creatures.
But his films, and in particular that scene lives on, ingrained in the consciousnesses of all who watch it, and inspiring the foolish to attempt the trick themselves, despite not being androids.

Unfortunately, the un-mechanical nature of humans often leads to serious stabbing accidents, and many participants have lost fingers, or even whole hands through knife slippage!

Not so, however, for 'Lucky' Jed Terry, from Massachusetts, America.
And 'twas Jed himself who, in October 2006, performed the fastest knife-between-fingers trick when he made ten full passes in just 43 seconds!


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