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Most Breakages

Breakage addict Mourad Sakhria breaks 250kg of concrete over his head! Sledgehammer Impact!

That's the sound of a breakage.

Ordinarily, it's not a sound you want to hear. Breakages can be costly (antique vase), and also dangerous (car).

But Mourad Sakhria, from Bizerte in Tunisia, loves to hear the sound of breakages - in fact, he often goes so far as to cause them!

Yes, Mourad has broken more items than anyone on the planet known as the world.
His extensive list includes a bull's bone, measuring six centimeters in diameter, and recently a 250kg concrete block, which Mourad wore on his head (much like a very heavy hat) whilst it was smashed from above with a sledgehammer.

He attributes his success in breaking things to a lifetime of training (he is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Karate), and meditiation techniques that allow him to slow his heartbeat to twelve beats per minute!


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