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Largest Autograph Signing

When I was seven years old, I, for reasons long since forgotten, decided that I would need a distinctive signature if I was to progress successfully through life.
After several days of work, however, all I had was a scribble that bore little resemblance to any of my names, or even those of any family or friends - in fact, it bore little resemblance to any already existing name, word, or symbol that existed, or was to exist at any point in the history of human existence.

Luckily, a passing deckchair salesman sold me a deckchair, and I attempted to put it together as a means of passing the time.
I was still holding my ink pen at the time.

Imagine my surprise to discover that, whilst wrestling with the chair's bizarre inverse kinematic folding system, my pen had scrawled upon the fabric of the seat a perfect signature.
It was very surprising indeed.
Immediately, I tore the fabric from the frame, nailed it to my bedroom wall and began to copy the script until it had become muscle memory.

That's the end of the story about my signature.

But it's not the end of this WOW!

This WOW is all about autographs - which are the signatures of the rich and famous.

I doubt any famous people have an interesting story about their own autograph - and even if they did, I would be flabberghasted to discover that it involved deckchairs.
That would be an amazing coincidence, and probably signify something quite terrible, involving much biblical nastiness.

It's a good thing then, that I was not present at the largest autograph signing - the fewer autograph origins I uncover, the less likely it is that I will uncover such a coincidence, and the longer Pestilence and his chums are kept at bay.

I wasn't at the largest autograph signing, because it took place in America, at an event known as 'Comic-Con 2007'.
I don't know what that is, but I asssume it has something to do with sweaty fatsos.


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