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Worst Printer

I love looking at graphics on my computer screen. Graphics are much better than text.
But you know what's better than on-screen graphics? On-paper graphics, of course!

You can produce an on-paper copy of a once digital image with several methods, including tracing the image with a pencil, and using lasers to do something prohibitively expensive.
By far the most popular method, however, is to use a printer, also known as de-digitiser or an analoguer.

All printers require ink (or ink dust) and power to work. In that way, all printers are exactly the same.
But as they have developed, so have the ways in which they used the ink and power altered.

Here is a very interesting history of every printer for you to be interested by:

1950 - Edwin Hooper invents the Daisy Wheel printer.
It is very loud, and also awful.

1954 - Chris Teedoll invents the Dot Matrix printer.
It is exactly as loud as the Daisy Wheel, but a bit faster. Still awful.

1972 - Kenneth Saunders invents the Laser printer.
Very fast, but contains ink dust that kills you if you breathe it in. Also, only black and white, and the paper comes out very hot (risk of burns).

1993 - Sam Hooper invents the Inkjet printer.
Fairly fast and good for colours. Danger of ink splatters.

And that is a very interesting history of every printer!

Of course, if you were paying attention, it should be clear that the worst printer is the Daisy Wheel printer.

Stupid Daisy Wheel printer.

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