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Lowest Bridge

If you ever want to get across a river, stream, or valley, you'll find yourself with two options.
Either you can fly across (like a bird), or you can build a bridge (like a builder).
If you're really lucky, someone will have already built a bridge! This can be useful, since I imagine building bridges is a rubbish thing to do.

There are some extremely tall bridges in the world. Some have become famous! The most famous are:

Tower Bridge (England),

Iron Bridge (England),

French One (France).

But what about low bridges? Why aren't they more famous?
Surely low bridges deserve as much recognition as tall ones!

Of course they don't. That would be ridiculous.

The lowest bridge was a bridge that fell into a river, due to faulty bricks.
No-one knows where it is now, because all the remains got washed away - to the bottom of the ocean!


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