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Worst Joseph

Andrew Lloyd Webber has written a lot of musicals, hasn't he?
From Starlight Express (trains), the Phantom of the Opera (Phantoms) to Cats (Cats), it seems he can weave a show around the stupidest of themes.
He could probably even write one about Columbo!

Probably his most popular, however, is the story all about a man named 'Joseph' and a lovely jacket which he finds in the street.
It is set in Ancient Egypt, where the Sphinx lived. Joseph is sold into slavery because his brothers are jealous of his lovely jacket - it has many pockets!
Joseph eventually ends up working for the Pharaoh, and then I think he kills the Pharaoh, and then he is the Pharaoh, and then everyone lives happily ever after.

So popular is the show, it has now been running in the West End of London for more than thirty-two years, and has seen sixteen different 'Josephs' tread the boards! If I was a theoretical creature whose diet consisted entirely of Josephs, I'd be able to live for more than two weeks on them!

Names such as Jason Donovan, Philip Schofield and Lee Mead form this list... but which is the worst Joseph?

Of course, it's Philip Schofield, better known as Gordon the Gopher's silver-haired sidekick.

Theatre critic Richard Kent thought his production was better named 'No-seph'!
I presume he was mocking Philip Schofield's massive nose, which seems a bit unfair: Philip Schofield doesn't have a massive nose.

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